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Do you trade internationally?
Funding solutions to suit your business

NewbridgeFX can help your business secure Trade Financing and Invoice Financing arrangements to companies involved in international trade.

We have partnered with a leading independent commercial finance broker who can help you find the best arrangement for your business and circumstances. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. With access to a network of lenders, we can help you secure the financing you need to succeed.

If you trade internationally by buying or selling your goods or services overseas. If you have working capital issues or invoices with extended payment terms, our specialists can help you secure innovative financial solutions to help your business grow.

The two most common finance arrangements for company’s trading internationally are Trade Finance and Invoice Financing.

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Trade Finance

Trade Finance services introduce a third party (i.e. a financial institution) into a trading relationship in order to reduce the counterparty risk and thereby make it easier to facilitate trade.
Types of Trade Finance:
  • Letters of Credit (LCs)
  • Purchase Order Finance
  • Supply Chain Finance
There are many other trade finance products such as pre and post shipment financing, inventory financing and structured trade finance. Please enquire with one of our experts for more information on these.

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance helps businesses to improve their cash flow by releasing money that’s tied up in invoices for goods or services sold on credit terms.
There are different types of invoice finance, and different names by which it is known, these include:
  • Invoice factoring
  • Invoice discounting
  • Debt factoring
  • Accounts receivable factoring
  • Selective invoice discounting
  • Spot factoring
The principle behind each of these options and names is the same. Asa result, you get paid faster and have more working capital available.

Our commercial finance specialist has a wide variety of lenders on their panel from Tier 1 commercials to Tier 3 independents, and as a result are able to help all businesses of all credit types and business backgrounds.

Speak to NewbridgeFX to discuss the finance options available to you.