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Business Foreign Exchange & International Payments

NewbridgeFX offers a superior service in terms of foreign exchange strategies, risk management solutions and specialist customer care tailored to the client’s needs.

We want to ensure that organisations focus more on their business than managing their currency exposure, and they feel they have a partner they can trust to provide tailored solutions to suit their business.

Dealing with international currency and global customers can often be an overwhelming prospect. We have the experience and expertise to help our clients maximise their currency exposure across a wide range of industries.

We are committed to building long term sustainable relationships offering a transparent, honest and dedicated service. As a client you can expect to receive:

Business & Personal Services

Foreign Exchange for Importers and Exporters

If you are a business that operates as an importer or an exporter, or maybe both, then you are…

Buying or Selling an Overseas Business

If you are considering buying or selling an overseas business, then it is crucial that you gain an understanding…

International Payroll Processing

As the world has become a smaller place, it is now common for businesses to pay employees who are…

Repatriating overseas earnings

Whether you are an individual who has been working overseas or you are a business located overseas, there is…

International Business Payments

Many businesses have a desire to move into new markets as they look to expand, and this causes many…

Purchasing or selling a property overseas

Whether you are thinking of purchasing or selling property overseas, it’s important to understand that the process is different…

Retiring Abroad

If you’re retiring abroad, you’re probably looking forward to relaxing in the sun or exploring new places. However, moving…

Emigrating Overseas

Moving to a new country can seem daunting and it requires planning but you’ll also need to consider your…

Purchasing and Selling Foreign Investments

Purchasing or selling foreign investments overseas requires you to be abreast of the latest foreign exchange development and movements.…

Relocating for Work

If you’re relocating for work, you’re likely to be embarking on a new adventure but there’s a lot to…

Spot Contract

A spot contract is one of the most common foreign exchange products used to sell one currency and buy…

Forward Contract
Forward contracts allows you to secure an exchange rate today, but for settlement at a specific date in the future.
Market Order

The currency markets are very volatile but it is possible to secure an exchange rate above the current market…

Exchange Rate Alerts

Transferring money internationally can become quite complex, especially when it comes to fluctuations between various currencies. Exchange rates change…