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Worst Week in Ten Years for the US Dollar

On Friday 27th March the Pound continued its journey of a resurgence at the end of last week as it reached 1.1177 against the Euro. As the US slumped, the foreign exchange rate for the pound against the dollar reached 1.2457. However, the pound did struggle

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Huge Push For The Pound Amid Weakening US Dollar

On Thursday, the Pound grew in strength to a high of 1.23, as the US dollar weakened, while sterling had all the characteristics of a risk-sensitive currency. The Bank of England decided to leave interest rates where they are but there are still concerns over

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Lockdown Measures Help Pound to Strengthen

Following the new quarantine measures, the pound strengthened yesterday, as markets hope that the new measures help to curb Covid-19. Despite the latest PMI figures in the UK showing that the private sector had really taken a knock, Sterling currency rocketed. However, it is likely

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COMPANY UPDATE: Two-Factor Authentication

Due to new regulations, two-factor authentication (or 2FA) is being implemented as an extra layer of security when accessing the online platform.  This new feature will be mandatory from the 13th April 2020. What is Two-Factor Authentication? Two-factor authentication (or 2FA) is an extra layer of security

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Global Economy is Suffering Because of Covid-19

The pound had a fairly challenging day yesterday against the Euro and the Dollar. All of this was down to the way in which the virus was impacting the global economy. Despite that, Sterling has stabilised this morning although confidence in consumers has diminished in

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Action from the BoE leads to a stronger Pound

As the Bank of England (BoE) made the second round of emergency cuts to interest rates, it resulted in the strengthening of the pound against both the euro and dollar. Quantitative easing also helped the situation, showing encouraging signs for international payments. The world of

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An update on our company’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Helping your business to manage your foreign exchange and international payments, and delivering excellent customer service, are our top priorities.  Therefore, we are taking a number of measures to ensure that we are able

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Weekly Market Report: 6th – 10th September 2021

Monday 6th September -Further problems with the supply chain in the UK weighed heavily on the Pound on Monday, forcing it to lose ground to many of its peers. As a result of Brexit-related staff shortages, the UK construction PMI dropped to a new five-month

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